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Earn unlimited Perks (cash rewards) on purchases at national brand merchants, travel-related discounts, discounts on digital services, educational and personal development products, and more.

Hundreds of National Brands Including:

How it Works


Earn Perks (cash rewards) on everyday purchases at national brand stores.


Save with exclusive discounts on digital services.


Learn to maximize your earning potential by investing in yourself.

The Benefits

Unlimited Perks

Earn unlimited Perks (cash rewards) at hundreds of national brand merchants.

Travel Discounts & Credits

Use Thing or 2 Travel for discounts on your next hotel stay. You can also use Thing or 2 to book flights and rental cars!

Discounts on Digital Services

Gain access to exclusive deals with companies like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, ADT, Direct TV, and Spectrum.

Financial Training

Learn to maximize your savings with our financial literacy training program. You’ll learn to get out of debt, stay out of debt, and prosper in any economy.

Personal Development Podcast

Invest in your biggest asset and become the greatest version of yourself. Listen to the Rascal Podcast with new episodes every week!

Health and Wellness Products

Experience premium health and wellness products to help improve your lifestyle.

Consumables You’ll Love

Enjoy great-tasting consumable products such as coffee, energy drinks, tea, snacks, and bars.

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